50 Free Family Activities For Fall (2024)

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So often, with such a busy life, taking the time to get creative with some family fun can require too much effort. The interesting thing about family fun, is that it really is easy, and it doesn’t have to be greatly time-consuming or cost a fortune. There are plenty of fall activities that your family including kids of all ages can have fun with.

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In our family, we love getting out to enjoy the crisp days of fall. With kids from 17 down to just a few months, we’ve found activities that we can all enjoy together.

Check out these fun family activities you can enjoy this fall – and they’re free!

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Living in the North, I know that fall really is the last call for enjoying several of the things that I love doing with my family most. Things like going for walks or bike rides, star gazing, and even heading to an outdoor farm would all qualify here. While being covered under a blanket of white snow brings family fun of a new kind, many of the things I love most are no longer possible.

If you are from the South, fall can bring weather that finally allows you to spend more time outside since temperatures have finally moved on from the sweltering heat.

In both cases, there are still times that having family fun outside isn’t possible, which is why I have also provided plenty of ideas for having some indoor fun as well.

Here are 50 simple and FREE ways that you can have some family fun today! With options that are geared toward a variety of ages, there is something for everyone!

  1. Star gaze. Star gazing on cool, crisp evenings is the best!
  2. Find shapes in the clouds on a beautiful afternoon
  3. Finger paint, even the big kids!
  4. Head to a nearby animal farm
  5. Go for a walk or bike ride while the weather still allows
  6. Color together, that means you, too
  7. Walk though an apple orchard
  8. Have a family game night once a week
  9. Read their book of choice – a classic
  10. Make some apple crisp!
  11. Look at old pictures together
  12. Watch their favorite movie or show together
  13. Play an active game together like Simon Says
  14. Make a fort out of sheets and blankets
  15. Sing campfire songs together, even with no campfire
  16. Write a story together, with illustrations
  17. Host a movie night for your kids and their friends
  18. Play in the leaves
  19. Have your own dance party
  20. Have a scavenger hunt in the neighborhood
  21. Drive around to look at the fall colors
  22. Take a picnic on a warm day
  23. Make some pumpkin paper crafts. Search for some ideas on Pinterest
  24. Visit a local pet store
  25. Make some homemade hot chocolate to enjoy after dinner
  26. Make homemade playdough, and then play with it
  27. Have a pumpkin carving night
  28. Fly paper airplanes together
  29. Tell some age appropriate scary stories with candles at night
  30. Visit the library every week
  31. Play hide and seek in the dark
  32. Make homemade popcorn and then eat it
  33. Make a craft together
  34. Do some end of the season yard work
  35. Have a puppet show
  36. Trace your handprints and then use them to make something memorable
  37. Have a pillow fight
  38. Create a leaf collection
  39. Create a picture collage to put in a frame
  40. Do some physical training…push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks etc.
  41. Make a fall bouquet with things you find outside
  42. Have a family sleepover – parents, too!
  43. Hold a family karaoke night
  44. Complete a larger puzzle
  45. Make a treat to bring to the fire station
  46. Go on a tour of the fire station
  47. Collect a few toys to donate
  48. Write a thank you note to Dad
  49. Start making some creative Christmas decorations
  50. Plan your next family vacation – no matter how far in the future

See? Family fun doesn’t have to be labor intensive, and it can be completely free when you use things that are all around you. As this Living Well & Spending Zero Challenge has continued to show me, life is all about what you make of it – fun included!

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50 Free Family Activities For Fall (2024)
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