Luxury Serviced Apartment in London (2024)

You’re visiting London for a few days and don’t fancy staying in a hotel. You’re either coming for business reasons, family break or even solo trip. What are your options for accommodation? During a recent trip to the World Travel MarketI was offered the opportunity to trial out a one-bedroomed luxury serviced apartment in Kensington through City Relay.How exciting, to be located in the heart of all London has to offer!
**Disclosure: Despite any complimentary services received, all opinions remain my own**

It’s also vital to make sure – as with all international travel – that travel insurance is arranged. Even if the accommodation you’re staying in is super duper swish and in a high class area, you never know what’s around the corner. Always best to be prepared.

Luxury Vacation Rental – London

City Relay offers luxury vacation rental in London at what is considered to be affordable prices. As their site states:

We are London’s largest and most trusted short-let property management provider. All of our properties are managed with care and gives you unparalleled access to living like a local in one of the worlds most unique and travelled cities. Whether its our hotel trained housekeeping team, our luxury bedroom and bathroom amenities or our 24/7 friendly support, the ultimate holiday experience starts here.

You visit the City Relay office in Earls Court to collect your keys (if no-one’s at the property to meet you), you can leave your luggage in their office after check out rather than lug it around London all day and they are the first point of call should any issues (unlikely) arise with your property.

Also City Relay offer a Management Service for your property if you rent it through AirBNB.

My luxury vacation rental experience in London

Upon exiting the Underground station at Gloucester Road, a quick phone call to Melany, the amiable hostess I’d been dealing with came to meet me and we walked together to my abode for the next three days.

Bina Gardens

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My one bedroom apartment was located in a small street just off a square with greenery around. And actually, once I knew where I was going the walk back to the main Gloucester Road with its pubs, tea shops and various eateries, plus supermarket and Underground, was literally a stone’s throw away (no Google Maps needed).

It didn’t take long to show me around my small but luxurious lodgings:

  • High ceilinged living room with room for six people around the dining table in the bay window
  • Bathroom with combined shower and bath – accessible from the double bedroom and hallway
  • Fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher and tea/coffee plus popcorn to make in the microwave
  • Couch in the living room could pull out to a double bed, easily accommodating two more people if necessary.
Luxury Serviced Apartment in London (3)
Luxury Serviced Apartment in London (4)

I soon settled in and made myself comfortable. I had kindly provided me with a bottle of Merlot and some Lindor chocolates, so I was set!

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Conclusion and good to know:

I would definitely come back to Bina Gardens or any of City Relay’s apartments again.

  • The internet, whilst working, was slightly up and down but this wasn’t the company’s fault – this was something to do with the area at the time, and to be honest, when I contacted City Relay – the management company who assists in all such matters – they were very quick to respond and offer a solution; an alternative internet connection
  • My stay at Bina Gardens was from £79 per night (weekend rates i.e.: Friday through to Sunday, expect to pay slightly more). For the apartment and the area, this represented very good value for money and I had the freedom to buy food to prepare in my spacious kitchen
  • Thick, fluffy towels were provided as was a hair dryer and all toiletries – like being in a hotel but having a huge suite all to yourself!

Have you stayed in a City Relay property in London? Have you stayed in any luxury serviced apartments before? Do you prefer them to hotels? Let me know in the Comments.

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Luxury Serviced Apartment in London (2024)
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