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This page lists the most frequently asked questions by users of the website, as well as some tips. If you don't find an answer here, use the 'System Enquiries' form. If your query relates to a specific tender then please the contact the listed enquiries officer. DetailedHelp (Clicking detailed help will open a new browser window)

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Q01. How to contact the QTenders Helpdesk
Q02. Forgotten password and/or username
Q03. Web browser compatibility
Q04. Forming a Business Group and/or Adding New Users
Q05. How to edit Tender Notifications
Q06. How to register with QTenders
Q07. How to submit response electronically
Q08. Errors while uploading response
Q09. How to unsubscribe from emails
Q10. How to use Advanced Search
Q11. How to look for recently released tenders
Q12. About UNSPSC - United Nations Standard Products and Services Code
Q13. Opening a tender box remotely

Questions & Answers

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Q01. How to contact the QTenders HelpdeskBacktoTop

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Phone: (07) 3215 3699

Email: bsu@epw.qld.gov.au

Application Support is available 8:30am – 5pm Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays.

Please note:QBuild eTender, previously BAS eTender,is a different system. eTender Helpdesk - (07) 3008 2332 or email QBuild.Tenders@epw.qld.gov.au.

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Q02. Forgotten password and/or usernameBacktoTop

QLD Tenders & Contracts (18)
  1. If you receive a"Sign in failed: Username or password incorrect" error message -Click Here
  2. If known, enter your Username, alternatively enter the registered email address, complete the I’m not a Robot check and select the ‘Generate Reset Password Link’button.
  3. An email will be sent to your registered address containing prompts on how to continue.
    • Be sure to double check the 'Username" details stated in the email, your username is not necessarilyyour email address.

If this attempt is unsuccessful, contact the System Support team via (07) 3215 3699 or emailbsu@epw.qld.gov.auand request a manual password reset.

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Q03. Web browser compatibilityBacktoTop

QLD Tenders & Contracts (20)

The QTenders website has been tested using the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome version 40 or later
  • MS Edge version 13

Checking your internet browser version (on a Windows PC)

Google Chrome

  • Click on the “menu” icon (3 horizontal lines near the top right corner of the window)
  • From the menu choose "About Google Chrome"
  • A page will appear in the browser with the version number
    - if you have a fairly recent version but not the latest, you might see a message indicating that Google Chrome is updating itself.

MS Edge

  • From the top right-hand corner select “more”
  • Select “Settings” from the menu displayed
  • Select “About this app.”
  • A window will appear with the version number

Updating your internet browser

If you need to update your internet browser, the latest versions can be obtained from the following links:

If you require assistance with installing these applications, please consult either a colleague with IT knowledge or your local IT specialist.

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Q04. Forming a Business Group and/or Adding New UsersBacktoTop

QLD Tenders & Contracts (22)

Forming a Business Group is the best way to ensure your business can be found by Agencies as it groups all your users together.

  1. Login via existing account (or if unregistered create a new business account)
  2. Select "Edit My Business" link from the left hand menu under the "Administration" heading
  3. Select "Add Person" link immediately below the "People" heading
  4. Complete the short registration form
  5. Click the "Create" button at the bottom of the page

An email will be sent to the new user with the username and a temporary password.

When the user first logins they will be presented with the "Terms & Conditions" which the user must agree to.They will then be asked to change their password, andcan establish their own notifications.

The additional benefit is that users can be added/removed as needed to ensure your contact details are always up to date.

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Q05. How to edit Tender NotificationsBacktoTop

QLD Tenders & Contracts (24)
  1. Login via existing account
  2. Click on the 'Advanced Search' link found in the blue section at the top of the page.
  3. Your current preferences will display under the 'Profiles' heading.
  4. You can use the ‘Remove Alert’ and ‘Delete’ buttons to manage current notifications.
  5. To establish a new alert, proceed to ‘Search Criteria’ and enter your preferred ‘Keywords’. These words define the type of tenders you are looking for. You can also add if further criteria via the subsequent fields, but this will narrow your search/alerts.
  6. Once you have entered all the criteria you want for that search, create a name in the ‘Save this Search as’ field select 'Save Search’ in the 'Profiles' section.
  7. Your new notification alert will now display under the 'Profiles' heading.
  8. Select the 'Add Alert' button against your new notification.
  9. Please note: the ‘Profile’ ‘My Categories’ is common across all users under a single business registration and any change will affect all users.

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Q06. How to register with QTendersBacktoTop

QLD Tenders & Contracts (26)
  1. On the left hand menu select the ‘Suppliers’ link under the ‘Register’ section
  2. Read & accept the Terms and Conditions to proceed
  3. Complete the online registration, noting the following;
    • Trading and Legal name can be the same.
    • The ABN is not a mandatory field.
    • The “Organisation Type” for most ABN listed suppliers - is Commercial Australian Supplier.
    • Phone number is to be entered without spaces
    • At least one Region must be selected
  4. If data is missing/incorrect a warning will display, with errors flagged for amendment
  5. If a user with your name or email address already exists a warning will display
    • Please contact the help desk to investigate.
  6. Solve the 'I'm not a robot' puzzle
  7. Click on the ‘Register’ button to confirm completion
  8. Check thatdetails are correct, especially the email address
  9. Click the 'Register' button a final time
    • You will receive an email within 20 minutes with your username and a temporary password.
    • Use these details to login within 24hrs
  10. Upon first login you be prompted to establish your permanent password.
  • Do you have more than one team memberthat will be using QTenders? If so, read FAQ. No.4 to learn about forming a Business Group.

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Q07. How to submit response electronicallyBacktoTop

QLD Tenders & Contracts (28)

You must be a registered user to submit your tender response electronically.

To submit a response:

  1. Search for, Select and Open the Tender you wish to apply for.
  2. In Section 4 of the tender page, select the blue "Submit an Electronic Response" icon
  3. Ensure you read the file parameters stipulated regarding size, type, formatting, etc.
  4. Proceed to the bottom of the screen, and upload your response via the ‘drag and drop’ option, or ‘manual file upload’ link.
  5. Once all required documents are displaying as uploaded, select ‘Submit Response’
  6. If the tender response uploaded without error,the'Electronic Response Confirmation'screen(including response receipt) will be displayed. You willalso be sentan email with these details to your registered email address.
  7. Repeat the process if you are required to submit multiple responses to the same tender.

When you submit a response electronically it is transmitted via a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) transmission session to the secure server where it is encrypted and stored until tender box opening.

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Q08. Errors while uploading responseBacktoTop

QLD Tenders & Contracts (30)

If you receive an internal server error, please follow the below steps to correct.

  1. Firstly check you are logged in do you see Welcome and your name and not visitor at the top of the screen?
  2. Shut down all instances of the browser.
  3. Restart the browser.
  4. Clear the cache.
  5. Log back in on QTenders.
  6. Try the function you had problems with again.
  7. If unsuccessful, please try a different browser, if possible or contact the System Support Team via (07) 3215 3699 or email bsu@epw.qld.gov.au .

If you’re not sure how to clear your browser cache, you can find this by googling it or call the System Support Team.

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Q09. How to unsubscribe from emailsBacktoTop

QLD Tenders & Contracts (32)

There are two places within the QTenders website from which you can manage your notifications;

1. Advanced Search, will allow you to:

  • Turn notifications on/off for your saved search profiles
  • Created new search profiles based on custom criteria

The "Advanced Search" page can be accessed from the link provided at the top of the page just below the banner.

To turn search profile alerts on or off click the "Add Alert" or "Remove Alert" button on the far right.

2. Manage My Subscriptions, will allow you to:

  • Turn notifications on/off for specific tenders
  • Turn notifications on/off for your saved search profiles

The "Manage My Subscriptions" page can be accessed from the left hand menu under the "Administration" heading after logging into your QTenders account.

To change your notifications on this page simply click on the tick box for the relevant notification that you wish to change.
This change is actioned immediately and a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address/s for your records.

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Q10. How to use Advanced SearchBacktoTop

QLD Tenders & Contracts (34)

1. Select the 'Advanced Search' link at the top of the page.

2. Utilise the fields under ‘Search Criteria’ to narrow your results.

  • For example, if you were looking for current gardening work. You could enter 'Gardening' into the 'Keyword' field and this would find a match if the tender was current and available to the general public.You could narrow the search further by nominating a ‘Issued by’ and selecting the agency that published the tender. If you are not sure which part of a department issued the tender choose the top level agency name to see all the relevant tenders issued by that agency. For example, 'Department of Transport and Main Roads'.
  • The system default is to search for the 'Current' tenders, to expand this to see all tender statuses please change the 'Status' field to 'Any'

3. To search for a specific ‘Tender no’ enter the allocated no. into the ‘Tender No.’ field.

  • If you can't find a match the tender may be restricted to selected suppliers, please call the System Support team via (07) 3215 3699 or email bsu@epw.qld.gov.au

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Q11. How to look for recently released tendersBacktoTop

QLD Tenders & Contracts (36)
  1. Select the 'Advanced Search' link at the top of the page.
  2. Against the 'Release date' section click the 'From' radio button and enter the earliest date you wish to get results from.
  • Results displayed will be from your selected release date through to present

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Q12. About UNSPSC - United Nations Standard Products and Services CodeBacktoTop

QLD Tenders & Contracts (38)

QLD Tenders & Contracts (39)QLD Tenders & Contracts (40)

This will open in a new window.

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Q13. Opening a tender box remotelyBacktoTop

QLD Tenders & Contracts (42)

As you might be aware, in order to open an electronic tender box,you require two officers to log in. This can cause issues if working remotely from your normal workplace.We have included two documents showing how to share your desktop with another user so that they can witness opening the tender. These documentsshow you the basicsharing for Skype and MS Teams.

Sharing desktop via Skype software.pdf

Sharing desktop via Teams software.pdf

If your agency uses different software please contact your IT area for assistance with sharing desktops with other users.

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QLD Tenders & Contracts (2024)
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